Educations in short

- Gothenbourg University Teacher program in Sports and Religion

- Licensed instructor in several of the LESMILLS groupfitness programs

- Weekend courses by various educators in Core-training, Functional Training, Box, Spinning and Yoga

- Level 1 trainer by Swedish Cycling Federation


Employments / projects in short

- Instructor and group fitness manager at Active Wellness

- Cycling / Spinning manager in Sweden for Sportlife


- ACTIVIO Master Trainer in heartrate training

- Owner and educator in various forms of training for IMEIT

- Team Manager for Göteborg Cycling Team

- Ambassador for Polar Fitness / Cycling


The more we learn the less we really know.


Jim started out as a group fitness instructor back in 1997, since then the road has gone thru leading his own education company to being a on site manager at a private gym / club, studying sports science at Gothenbourg University, working as a trainer for LesMills and Activio and now competing for and running a road bike elite team at a national level.