Everything from lectures to private trainings. Workshops for the instructors, evaluating and other.

Listed below  are a few examples of workshops and lectures done before, but off course, just ask if there is anything in particular you are looking for. If we ain't the right ones to do it we sure know who are and can help you find out.


As of right now I'm currently working with the following group fitness programs (click on them to find out more about them):

I started teaching fitness as a 17-18 year old kid back in my hometown Sölvesborg back in 1997. At the same time I was studying Media at the local highschool where my photography and film interest had it's first peak. Since then the road has gone thru being a on site manager at a private gym / club to leading my own education company. Along the road I've studied sports science and teaching at Gothenbourg University, Sports Physics coaching at Bosön (Fystränarutbildningen), worked as a trainer for LesMills, Activio, Polar and Casall / Matrix amongst others. I've competed for and run a men and womens elite road bike team at a national level.

Educations in short

- Gothenbourg University Teacher program in Sports and Religion

- Licensed instructor in several of the  LESMILLS groupfitness programs   

- Weekend courses by various educators  in  Core-training, Functional Training, Box, Spinning and Yoga

-  Level 1 trainer by Swedish Cycling Federation

Employments / projects in short

- Instructor and group fitness manager at Active Wellness

- Cycling / Spinning manager in Sweden for Sportlife


- ACTIVIO Master Trainer in heartrate training

- Owner and educator in various forms of training for IMEIT

- Team Manager for Göteborg Cycling Team

- Ambassador for Polar Fitness / Cycling


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